party for spring

I've had a little sick kid at home for a few days and then it's nice to sit outside wrapped in a blanket and get some fresh air. It was pretty sweet this evening when he asked to go outside by explaining, "I'm lonely of the breeze." Anyway, he seems better at last.

Pierrot collar for Spring (a new Windy character) and some tiny hats. We shoot very soon. Yikes!


to represent the life of a blade of grass

One of the essays in my 2nd year Typography class is FT Marinetti's  Distruction of Syntax.  I've always had mixed feelings about Marinetti.

Last year one of my students pulled a beautiful segment from it: represent the life of a blade of grass, I say, 'Tomorrow I'll be greener.'

I feel I'd only spoil that with an image, so there it is. Isn't it lovely? This is the full quote for context: The imagination without strings, and words-in-freedom, will bring us to the essence of material. As we discover new analogies between distant and apparently contrary things, we will endow them with an ever more intimate value. Instead of humanizing animals, vegetables, and minerals (an outmoded system) we will be able to animalize, vegetize, mineralize, electrify, or liquefy our style, making it live the life of material. For example, to represent the life of a blade of grass, I say, ‘Tomorrow I’ll be greener.’